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Sandman Microdentistry is a Danish innovative company which has developed and sells Sandman Futura dental caries treatment unit. This is an innovative medical air abrasion device for the best minimal invasive treatment.


Our Mission is:

  • To deliver the best solution for gentle dental care - minimal invasive treatment or microdentistry.
  • We are committed to become the preferred manufacturer of dental air abrasion & polishing equipment for practicing dentists’ world around.
  • Ensuring patient and customer satisfaction. Improving patient outcome and reducing cost of care by providing innovative, value adding and reliable products for minimally invasive treatment.

Sandman Microdentistry has been cooperating with the Danish dentist Dr. Ove Rasmussen who understood the great advantages of using air abrasion for dental caries treatment instead of traditional drilling. He developed new innovative technologies to improve air abrasion treatment system to make air abrasion the absolute best way of performing minimal invasive caries treatment.

These new technologies are implemented in Sandman Futura as the only product on the market.


Our Policies are:

  • Quality: Our customers demand high quality products. We know it is our company’s responsibility to make it happen and high quality is the foundation of our strategy for success and future growth.
  • Product Safety: Sandman follows all appropriate regulations and standards to achieve the goal of safe products and services. Product development at Sandman begins with close customer consultation as well as determination of regulatory and statutory requirements.

The evolving product designs are realized in the state of the art technology quality tests that are based on internationally recognized standards to ensure high product quality and for safety of the patients.

These policies are also valid for the other products we offer through this website. These products are carefully chosen after long testing by several dentists.

Please feel free to ask us any question. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Sandman Microdentistry


With Sandman, it is possible to achieve results that were previously unthinkable. A thin, ultra-precise jet of compressed air bearing microparticles of aluminium oxide treats the tooth substance effectively and easily. Sandman Dental is based on the unique patented whirl atomisation principle, which ensures exact and controlled treatment at low pressure with the exact amount of powder needed.

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