Commercial terms and conditions

The Danish Act on the Sales of Goods (Consolidation Act no. 237 of 28 March 2003, as amended by Act no. 523 of 6 June 2007) called ‘Koebeloven’ applies to every purchase made with the online shop available at (Shop) and managed by Sandman Microdentistry (Seller) that sells products presented on the Shop’s website pages unless agreed otherwise.

General information on Sandman Microdentistry (Seller):

  • Registered company name: Sandman Microdentistry
  • Type of company: private entrepreneur
  • VAT registration number: DK25619781
  • Year of registration: 2014
  • Address: Soenderbyen 19, 6534 Agerskov, Denmark
  • Phone: (+45) 2078 2188
  • Official e-mail:
  • Official website:
  • Bank: Jyske Bank A / S

The rules below shall constitute the terms and conditions for operating and using the Shop:


The guarantee depends of the type of products/goods.

Privacy policy:

The website pages of the Shop use cookies and statistical tools for analysing user traffic on the website.

In order to conclude an agreement with us using the website, you should register by providing the following information:

  • Company name (optionally)
  • Name and surname
  • Delivery address
  • E-mail address

Personal data registered with the Shop are kept by Sandman Microdentistry for the purpose of tax receivables inspections. The data are kept for 5 years and then deleted.
We only use personal data registered with the Shop solely for performing the order and delivery of the goods and the invoice to the Buyer.

The following groups of employees have access to the recorded data:

  • Management
  • Administration and Accounting

Customer information is encrypted and will never be provided to or disclosed to third parties.
The user registered with the Shop shall always have the right to object to registration and the right to access the User’s data we keep. In accordance with the personal data protection law and related laws, the User must send his/her query to Sandman Microdentistry by e-mail to:


Sandman Microdentistry sells to professional users only (distributors, dentists, dental technicians, etc.). You may order selected products from the Shop using the cart function and payment using PayPal or payment cards such as Visa/ MasterCard/ Maestro or other cards with CVV2 code.

The available versions of the Shop enable to make purchases in the following languages:

• English
• German
• French
• Russian
• Danish
• Polish
• Italian
• Spanish

All prices quoted in the Shop are exclusive of VAT.

Please be aware that there may be some errors, unavailable product presented, departures from the description or images, which only serve for illustration purposes.

Note: If there is incorrect product information on the Shop’s pages, including the price in particular, the automatically sent order confirmation shall not be binding upon Sandman Microdentistry. The Shop’s employee shall contact the Ordering Party in order to adjust the order to the Ordering Party’s expectations, availability of the product range and/or the price list.

Purchasing terms and conditions:

The terms and conditions of payment have been provided on Shop pages. If the unit price of a product is a promotional price when several items are purchased, such information is provided in the specific product description. For special offers, send us an e-mail to:


We send our products with PostNord or UPS immediately upon receiving payment confirmation, no later than within 2 days of the order placement. We also send an e-mail confirmation after the parcel is sent. If the product is not available on stock, we will inform you of the expected delivery time.
The delivery times are usually 1 to 2 days in Denmark, 3 to 7 days in Europe and 5 to 10 days outside Europe.

If the customer is not satisfied with this form of delivery, he or she should contact us immediately upon placing the order.


If you want to return the goods you purchased, please contact Sandman Microdentistry as soon as possible in order to agree upon the terms and conditions of return.

Important: As a rule, returns shall not be possible if:
- the purchase was made under a commercial transaction (B2B)
- the seals were broken.


Goods aimed for commercial sales (B2B) come with a 12-month guarantee for all components. The guarantee means you may file a product complaint due to missing/damaged products upon delivery/found within 12 months from product receipt. Such defects may be caused by improper use of the product. Implied warranty for defects differs from a guarantee in that is does not include all the errors. In order to agree return details, you should contact a Sandman Dentistry employee by e-mail at: immediately, however no later than within 7 days of finding the defect. In certain cases, the product should be sent to the manufacturer, in other cases – directly to: Sønderbyvej 16H, 6091 Bjert, Denmark.

Note: In case of returning a product, please attach a precise and exhaustive description of the defect and a copy of the invoice. If the above conditions are not met, we reserve the right to return the products to the Buyer at the Buyer’s expense. If it turns out upon unpacking that the parcel does not include the above, the Shop shall reserve the right to charge a fee of DKK 400 (incl. VAT) plus postage fee for the costs of return parcel handling. The fee must be paid before the parcel with the returned goods is sent. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please contact us by e-mail before you send a return parcel/complaint to us.


You may subscribe to the Shop’s newsletter (e-mail advertising). The newsletter includes information about the company and its products, relevant offers, etc. You will only receive the newsletter if you checked your consent (‘yes’) to receive it on the Shop’s website.

In cases not provided for in the Act, the terms and conditions of Shop sales shall be regulated by the terms and conditions of sale of the Danish Dental Association.

Please remember that by accepting the terms and conditions of the Shop, you agree to any errors and irregularities arising from departures from the description or visibility of the products on the pictures.


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