Sandman is the best and most precise air abrasion device on the market. We do also offer another high-quality dental tools, instruments and accessories. Check out our web-site sandman-dental.com. With the new revolutionary Sandman Futura treatment system all the existing problems in air abrasion treatment are solved:

  • - Sandmans unique patented whirl system and special hand pieces secure an unique precision and working conditions of the aluminium oxide powder. These features are not seen in any other systems on the market.

  • - With Sandman Futura the security of the patient is essential and secured. You will obtain optimal results using the unit with a working pressure between 1½ – 3 bar. In comparison other systems are using pressure working area of 4 – 8 bar.

  • - Sandman Futura’s special design and functionality is optimal for every dental clinic. No electrical connection is necessary – only a simple plug and go connection to the compressor air in the clinic. The working pressure is easily controlled by the foot control. This together with easy change of the powder sizes gives the perfect working conditions for the dentist.

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With Sandman, it is possible to achieve results that were previously unthinkable. A thin, ultra-precise jet of compressed air bearing microparticles of aluminium oxide treats the tooth substance effectively and easily. Sandman Dental is based on the unique patented whirl atomisation principle, which ensures exact and controlled treatment at low pressure with the exact amount of powder needed.

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